Review of the Creepy Castle Online Slot

Despite its moniker, Creepy Castle is a jovial 3D video slot that features a number of adorable nocturnal creatures. Developer NextGen drew influence from Monsters Inc. for its character design and bubblegum aesthetic, populating its horrific and spine-chilling castle with comparatively less frightening monsters.

NextGen’s 2017 release was designed with mobile devices in mind, and the game’s colors leap off the displays of mobile devices. It is also playable on the traditional desktop versions of your favorite online casinos. You may continue exploring the Creepy Castle even while on the go, since you can switch between the two areas.

Creepy Castle Slot Configuration and Controls

Even though NextGen put its spine-tingling slot in a haunted castle, it was designed with the increasing use of mobile devices and tablets in mind. Creepy Castle can be played on Android and iOS-powered mobile devices, so you don’t have to be at home to spin the reels.

Monsters with eyeballs, fangs, and tentacles are used to attempt to land in the game. The game’s graphic design is its major appeal. There is also a collection of standard playing card symbols, such as 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A, but they’ve all been given the monster treatment, complete with googly eyes and sharp fangs. As with other slot games, the most frequent and lowest-paying symbols are the classic ones. A complete reel of nines pays 20 times the stake, while the cyclops-shaped ‘A’ pays 150 times the wager, if it doesn’t bite.

There are four distinct monsters, Ballie, Bato, Tally, and Squido, to capture. In addition, each card has its own Wild variation. The animal with three eyes and golden fur offers the largest payout, 350 times the wager for a complete reel. In addition to appearing on the reels, they also surround the reel board with slimy and sticky buttons. On the left are shown the coin bet and the bet per line, while on the right is a large green slimy play button and a pink auto-play option.

Horror-themed Castle Gameplay and Extra Features

Each of the four distinct creatures that inhabit Creepy Castle has its own Wild emblem. With a puff of smoke, any of the normal icons may transform into these. One or all four of these creatures may transform into their Wild counterpart on any spin in the main game. The Monster Wilds may replace for any symbols with the exception of the Castle emblem.

The logo for Creepy Castle is the game’s scatter symbol. If three, four, or five of them appear anywhere on the reels, you will get between 9 and 15 Creepy Free Spins, depending on the number of Scatters. During free spins, you may also unlock doors to reveal creatures hidden behind them. If you discover one, all of its symbols will convert into Monster Wilds for the length of the Creepy Free Spins round.

In addition to the Monster Wilds, the game has a standard Wild symbol consisting of the phrase written in slime. Wild is the highest-paying symbol, with a complete payline of Wilds yielding 500 times the bet.


The Creepy Castle online slot is less about sending chills down your spine and more about having fun with some friendly creatures in the dark and gloom, merging horror cliches with vibrant slot game elements. The animated visuals and character design display a level of attention to detail that is seldom seen in online video slots. The Monster Wilds and the extra benefits they provide should be plenty for the majority of slot players, but the game might have benefitted from an additional bonus round or two to keep the action moving.