The Mystery of the Cluedo Cash Slots

Who hasn’t played Clue and said, “Colonel Mustard is in the drawing-room with the candlestick holder,” or some variation thereof? Since its inception in Birmingham, England back in 1943, probably quite a few. It’s plenty to merit a few slot conversions, and here we have one from industry heavyweight SG Digital. This is the studio’s second attempt at adapting the original Hasbro board game. Despite Cluedo’s widespread appeal and even substantial prize pools, the initial game, Cluedo Spinning Detectives, was not a smashing success. Is the sequel a step higher from the original?

In any case, it’s an improvement, though that’s not saying much given that the original was displayed on a big fingerprint, which was thematically appropriate albeit a little unsettling. When you boot up Cluedo Cash Mystery, Thunderkick’s massively popular Wild Heist At Peacock Manor slot machine is the first thing that comes to mind. Both the mood and the mechanics of play are excellent.

The investigation in SG Digital’s version takes place on a 5-reel, 20-payline game area outside a manor where the crime has been committed. It’s a novel style, at once contemporary and perhaps too strict in its definition. As if using every last bit of available resolution was the main objective, achieving technological achievement at the expense of part of the project’s humanity. Overall, the music is appropriately detective-themed, with a nice hook but some repetition.

Players may act like shady characters on any platform, with wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€200 every spin. The mathematical structure of the game favors less serious players, therefore it’s not surprising that the creator would want to appeal to the widest possible audience by using this angle. They did this by settling on a medium level of volatility, piling on features but limiting the product’s potential. With a return to player percentage of 96.51%, there’s no reason to complain; just don’t spin the reels of Cluedo Cash Mystery expecting a wild ride. It’s possible that playing the board game will provide more excitement.

Symbols are one thing that Cluedo Cash Mystery doesn’t lack. There are a surprising number of scatters (17) that may be used to activate the bonus round. SG Digital has reduced the number of pay symbols from nine to six (3 low + 3 high). Q-A royal lows are valued 2.5x for a full house. Payouts for entire lines of five pipes, dusters, or a logo range from 5x to 20x the initial wager. The minimum required to win is three of a kind for every symbol, except for the logo, which only needs two. The wild can occur on any reel and will act as a substitute for all other pay symbols.

Slot Game Features in Cluedo’s Money Mystery

The board game Cluedo had players try to solve a murder mystery by identifying the killer, the murder weapon, and the crime scene. Moving around a board and prompting participants to give information until you’ve identified the guilty individuals is involved. If you pull it off, you’ll be the hero. Cluedo Cash Mystery is a great distillation of the original rules by SG Digital. Here, you’ll be aiming for scatter combos in order to activate any of the available 180 extra games.

The three distinct types of scatters—weapon, location, and suspect—allow for this. If you get three scatters of the same kind, the bonus rounds will begin. When weapons such a lead pipe, wrench, candlestick, dagger, or pistol land on reel 1, the multiplier for the free spins is increased by 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 times. Scatters in the living room, kitchen, study, hall, conservatory, or library will earn 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, or 25 bonus games, respectively. The final kind of scatter pieces consists of modifiable characters.

Mrs. Peacock, each scatter awards an additional free game.

When a wild symbol lands in Colonel Mustard, it grows to fill the entire reel.

A 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multiplier is attached to each wild that lands, Professor Plum.

A random pay symbol is selected by Mr. Green and used as a pay anywhere expanding symbol in a ‘book of’ format.

Dr. Orchid enables bidirectional pay in lines.

Miss Scarlett, when wilds land, they leave a sticky residue.

Slot Game Answer to the Cluedo Money Mystery

Let’s begin with Cluedo Cash Mystery’s many redeeming qualities. In general, I’m not opposed to the style. The manor mansion from the board game is faithfully recreated, with players able to explore various rooms as the game progresses. Depending on the scatter’s placement, free spins can be activated in a number of opulent settings, keeping players on their toes. The scatter mixture is a clever concept that may result in an enormous variety of free spins arrangements, some of which are far better than others.

It might have been coincidence, but it often seemed like the rounds with the fewest free spins also triggered the most powerful modifiers. The ‘Book of’ symbols and the sticky wilds are two of the most intriguing modifiers. They’ve been successful elsewhere, and they should perform OK in Cluedo Cash Mystery as well. The problem is that trying to accomplish too much in a game will dilute the overall impression in comparison to focusing on doing just one thing brilliantly.

After using up some of your free spins, you may notice a shortfall. Even when everything lines up, the winnings from the average symbol values and paylines aren’t very high. There is no way you will win anything near the famed 5,000x full-screen premium winnings seen in book slots. The maximum payout on Cluedo Cash Mystery is 3,750 times the stake, or £250,000 (at max bet).

It’s dull not simply because of the average volatility and low rewards. Play seems slow and lifeless, as is typical of SG’s offerings; this is especially noticeable in places where spin delays are mandated. Since the game’s foundational features don’t do anything to hold players’ attention, this also raises the likelihood that they’ll get disinterested. Overall, if you’re a fan of this genre of game, you’d be better off with Wild Heist At Peacock Manor than Cluedo Cash Mystery.