The number in the square is the ongoing level

There are eight of them altogether, trailed by the last one. Further, four square shapes with one filled in are the quantity of the ongoing wave. Each level is separated into four waves as columns of 3D shapes are refreshed, and the waves are separated into a few rounds, where a lump bud off from a mass of blocks that you need to manage. The principal round of each wave is reliably the most troublesome, on the grounds that in it you are as near the level line as could really be expected. Under the square shapes is the score pointer. The proportion of the quantity of moves previously made to their base number, brought about by the creators.

The worth of the Ideal reward will rely upon regardless of whether you meet this number

1000 focuses for a straightforward entry without blunders, 5000 in the event that you meet the breaking point and 10000 assuming you figure out how to establish another standard. Likewise, for the “perfect” section of the stage, you will get an extra column of solid shapes for the stage and, subsequently, more space for moves; A punishment counter that gobbles up the last column of 3D shapes that make up the stage when full. It is generally equivalent to the quantity of solid shapes in the line less one and tops off in the event that you miss a typical or green block or let blocks squash you. The scale is reset toward the start of each next wave.

As you comprehend, the game rebuffs seriously for misses, and one lethal slip-up might be sufficient to nullify the aftereffects of various triumphs. Skirting a typical or green shape is the most innocuous method for committing an error, for which you will basically be denied of the reward for an ideal entry and various punishment focuses will be determined equivalent to the quantity of missed blocks. The obliteration of the dark coalition is now a serious wrongdoing, for which you will be denied of a piece of the stage in a matter of seconds without preliminary or examination. Be that as it may, the most obviously terrible mix-up is to permit yourself to be squashed by a flood of blocks.

You will lose the potential chance to complete the round

Every single leftover shape, including dark ones, will be placed into the punishment book, which will gnaw off a respectable piece from the stage, and in the event that this was not the last round, you should replay similar grouping of blocks once more. The last method for bombing a level is to tumble off the stage, yet it’s best to avoid this, in light of the fact that terrible the ground under your feet will promptly prompt a game over, during which the game will compute your level of intelligence At first I believed that the neighborhood intelligence level marker is a basic presentation of the quantity of focuses procured , however as a general rule it is a piece trickier and truly considers the nature of puzzle settling and the quantity of mix-ups made.

I’m presumably overstating a bit, in light of the fact that the principal stages, comprising of just four or five 3D shapes straight, are very simple to pass without serious misfortunes, however towards the end, the cutting edge will protract as much as seven blocks, and unraveling this wreck can cause large hardships. The primary rounds of each new wave will start to irritate particularly firmly, on the grounds that, because of the irregular selection of examples, they can hurl such a riddle, the arrangement of which will require a larger number of moves than the fight field can give.